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A Few Things For White Women Dating Black Men To Learn

These are a few things for white women that date black men to learn that could be pleasing to the black man she dates.

1. How to dance to R&B and Hip Hop. White women do not have to be a disco queen, but the ability to move in rhythm to the beat of the music is good enough.

2. Learn to play basketball just a little. Basketball is a good way to enjoy something physical with a black man. Not all black men like basketball, but it is fun to play as a couple.

3. Learn to cook a little soul food. Red Beans and Rice, Corn Bread and Cabbage, Smothered Pork Chops over rice and collard greens, and fried chicken are just a few things that many black people like. Food that black people like is not limited to soul food, but many black men grew up with a momma or grandma that could cook soul food well.

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