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Why Do White Women Like Black Men?

Why Do White Women Like Black Men

Why do white women like black men? White women like black men for a variety of reasons. Sometimes its just the difference in culture and the way black guys treat women. Some white women like black men because of the contrast in skin tone. Even if some white women like black men because of physical or cultural differences, this is just one way that gets white women involved with black men. Some people might say that this is superficial, but it is just method for getting together and not necessarily staying together. White women that like black men have to develop something more than just a physical or cultural attraction or any relationship simply will not flourish. Below are a few thoughts on why white women like black men. Agree or disagree, I invite any feedback on your thoughts via the comment form.


1. White women like black men due to some of their social similarities to what they are used to. Since the majority of black people in America were born and raised in America, they developed much of their culture from predominately white America. This makes black men the closest culturally to white men outside of the white race and adds an interracial curiosity that gets white girls attracted to black guys.

Although similar in culture, black guys put a twist on things in interracial dating that sparks the interest of some white girls and contributes to why white women like black men. See 13 Reasons Why Black Guys Like White Girls.

2. White women like black men because of their strong confidence. They give the impression that they are in control of everything in their social lives. White girls find strong confidence attractive in black guys.

3. Despite the lack of respect black men sometimes seem to show women, they typically do not look at women as subservient in interracial relationships. Black men look at white women in a way that says “You do what you do and I’ll do what I do.” White women like black men because this type of attitude is different from what they are used to and presents a challenge for them.

4. Often times white women like black men due to the respect factor in interracial relationships. White women are used to white men treating them with respect, kindness, and the desire to do what they want to make them happy. Black men in interracial dating typically don’t make a habit of doing “what a white girl wants” making them more attractive. Black guys are very unpredictable in their actions and behaviors.

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5. White women like black men for interracial romance because they are a challenge. They find little excitement in a guy that lets them have their way too often. Women want to feel like they are with a man who shows some dominance. Despite white women liking black men and the excitement they bring to an interracial relationship, these relationships do not often lead to a stable long term relationship though. This is why the marriage rate is low for interracial couples despite white girls finding black guys attractive and fun to be with. See 4 Reasons White Black Guys Don’t Marry White Girls.

When talking to some white women about why white women like black men, the question of why never really got a straight answer. To sum things up, the average response was that black men know how to treat a woman just nice enough without being too nice. They are passionate with their women and really know how to make the best of quality time. White women like that black guys are aggressive and do not get pushed over easily. Black men do what they want when they want regardless of their economic status. They don’t get down or depresses easily and make the best out of things rich or poor. White women like black men because they turn them on in ways they can’t fully explain.

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