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Why Do Guys Like to Play Video Games So Much? Feeling neglected?

Boyfriends or husbands that play video games a lot can frustrate their girlfriends or wives. Guys like the competitiveness of video games without having to put out too much money to play. The ease of playing as much as men want makes it easier to get into playing games on a regular basis. Online gaming has gotten really popular over the years. Guys get connected to their friends and make new “online friends” that they can play with. The more people that they connect with, the more competitive gaming gets.


If a guy seems to spend too much time playing games, it is not a knock against his girlfriend or wife. It is not that he would rather play games that spend time with you. Guys compartmentalize things. This means that they typically focus on one thing at a time. When they are playing an online video game, they are focused on winning or getting better so they can win more.

If your boyfriend or husband plays video games too much, what can you do? Trying to get boyfriends or husbands to quit playing video games can lead to him getting angry at his girlfriend or wife for taking his cheap and easy fun away. He will feel like you should find something similar that you like to do so that you won’t bother him while he plays. Try giving him a time frame to play. Designate a time as your time with him and give him advanced notice. If you try to designate time with him on short notice, he will feel like he has to stop his “campaign” or any coordinated plans with his “online friends” or teammates. If you give him advance notice, he will likely not get deep into play where he can’t leave the current game.
You can also try playing with him. If you are part of his gameplay and part of his team, you are more likely to be able to get him to get away from the game with you so that you can spend time together.

Don’t give up if your boyfriend or husband likes to play video games often. He probably still likes and loves you just as much as he did before.

One thought on “Why Do Guys Like to Play Video Games So Much? Feeling neglected?

  1. This was useless information. Of course men like to play video games and its ruining relationship. And first off, men do not like being told what to do. The moment you tell him when and how often he can play games, he will be thinking you are controlling him. He will try to even sneak in ways to play to ignore you. Men need pleasure and video games provide them that. Thus, ladies, the only way to get him to notice you?

    Stay busy. LEAVE. When he plays, head out the door for a walk, go out with friends, do things that make you happy. Even if you want to spend that time with him, if he choses games over you then chose YOURSELF over him. Once he sees that you are gone and nowhere in sight, he will start to miss you. Once he turns that game off in the middle of the night or evening, he will look around and feel something shift, something different. It is you, your absence, his woman is out the door. He will start to miss you and want attention himself. The way to get him to really want you? Tell him ‘You can play as much as much as you want.’ Smile and walk away. You let him know you cant control him. Men want freedom, you allow that and he realizes he might want you more than his freedom.

    We all have needs. If he choses games over you, then he is not the guy for you. Be your own boyfriend, make yourself happy if he will not. Value yourself. Do not be a doormat. Good luck. Give him freedom and walk away. Men do what they want.

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