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Why Do Black Guys Like White Girls

Why do black guys like white girls? Is it looks? Is it personality? Or is it a thrill of having an interracial partner? Some black guys only date white girls. Many black guys start to like white girls after years of dating black girls. Black guys like white girls because they are curious and want to see what white girls have to offer in an interracial relationship. Some black guys like white girls just because they believe that they are fun, very feminine, and physical. See Why Do White Women Like Black Men.

In the list below, I am not knocking any other race. This list is not the case for every black guy or every white girl. I am only stating what appears to be behind the thinking and impressions that black guys have when they like white girls:


1. Black guys like white girls because they appear to have an open mind. They are not only open to trying new things in an interracial relationship, but introducing new things to a black guy’s world. You will often see a black guy trying new things after he gets with a white girl. See 10 Things Black Guys Look for in White Girls

2. Black guys like white girls because they often have more things to offer a black guy from the start such as their own place, a car, a job, and decent credit. This is not always the case in interracial relationships, but it is a common belief that most white people have a lot of “stuff” already and have the easy life.

3. Black guys like white girls because they seem less influenced by their family in their day to day lives. If a white girl is in an interracial relationship with a black guy and she really likes him, she will usually not let her family stick their noses in her business. Black guys like this in white girls because they feel that they have them all to themselves.

4. Black guys like white girls because they believe white girls are sexually aggressive and initiate bedroom activities often. This is a common belief about interracial dating between black guys and white girls.

5. Black guys like white girls because they often show an extra kindness towards black men in interracial relationships. They like to look out for their guy and make a lot of effort to please him. See Why White Girls Like Black Guys

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6. Black guys like white girls because they are often very reliable for things. They take care of important stuff quickly and give the extra effort to make sure things are done right. This is a common reason why black guys like white girls and date interracial.

7. There are more attractive white girls in population than any other race. Black guys like white girls because attractive white girls are found just about everywhere a black guys goes.

8. Black guys like white girls because they almost always have pretty hair due to the ease of maintenance of their hair texture. Black guys like to run their fingers through a girl’s hair from time to time. White girls have it easier to maintain soft tangle free hair.

9. Black guys like white girls that have nice legs and booty. Although sometimes lacking in the booty region, it is common for white girls to have pretty legs and nice breasts. Lately though, it seems like white girls have been developing more booty…

10. Black guys have been given the impression that white girls have a wild side in the bedroom. Black guys like white girls because they think that they will be in for some freaky nights when dating interracial.

11. Black guys like White girls because they are often well rounded. Due to their open mindedness and their upbringing, they get exposed to a lot of things outside of their normal circle. They can have knowledge of sports, travel, business, etc. – all are things they take to an interracial relationship.

12. White girls are more direct in what they like and want in interracial dating. Black guys like white girls because a lot of the guessing game gets thrown out with white girls.

13. Black guys like white girls because the white girls often will do more for a black guy than a black girl will without receiving much in return. They seem unselfish in their actions and attitudes when dating interracial. Sometimes this makes white girls in interracial relationships get labeled as “stupid”, but black guys like them nonetheless. See 10 Things Black Guys Look For In White Girls.

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In the end, it doesn’t matter why black guys like white girls for interracial dating because we all want someone that can make us happy by being fun, kind, stimulating, and making us feel cared for.

So what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

6 thoughts on “Why Do Black Guys Like White Girls

  1. This post will hurt some feelings, but as a blackman the post is hitting it on the head. It’s harder for me to find black women that are on my level, there country is 70% white , so it’s easier to find a white women who is of your social status if you are a successful black man, the same is also true if you are a successful black woman.

    But here is the basic, simply put there are simply more attractive white women than black women. And people think interracial kids are more attractive to boot. That’s it, it’s no more complicated. And who doesn’t love an adorable interracial baby. I’m just keeping it real.

    • Franky, it is true that there are many more beautiful white women to choose from. I hope this does not hurt anyone’s feelings, but there are simply more white women in the population. It is expected that attractive and non-attractive white girls will be seen most frequently. Availability contributes to why black guys like white girls.

  2. This entire blog entry is wrong, and seems to be written from a bitter point of view. Basically the writer is saying that black guys like white girls becauase they are “less work”. That’s crap. As a black guy who has dated women of every ethnicity, I’d like to make a few things clear. First, “black men” don’t all date white women. Some choose to. There are as many reasons for that as there are individuals. It’s an individual preference. Second, that’s the only reason. Black women have no right to be offended that certain black men date white women. No right at all. No more than a short man has a right to be angry that a woman might have a preference to date a taller man. Attraction is completely subjective. What I can tell you is that articles like this will feed into the negative stereotype of the bitter black woman. The overwhelmnig majority of black men prefer and choose to be with black women. But, that’s never the focus. Black women do not want those black men, they are irritated by the fact that a small percentage of black men don’t want to date them. I believe that they are even more bothered by the fact that very few white men date black women, and black women deem white men to be higher on the totem pole than black men.

    • Philapen, I appreciate the comment. I assure you that as the writer of this article, I am not bitter in any way. I have experience dating both races. I also have a long list of friends and associates that have done the same. If you say that this would feed into stereotypes, it is only because the statements have truth to them. Even if only misconceptions, the REASONS why black guys like white girls are still true. Things that have truth to them hit people much harder than flat out lies. The truth in this article contributes to why some black women are bitter when they see black guys that like white girls. There are many black women that share some of the same traits as above, but are likely not bitter.

  3. :,) I like white women because they enjoy getting facials. Honestly, also because they’re easier to put up with. Mostly because of the facials. and they swallow too!!! Freaking gross!

    & yeah there’s alot of hot white women, but the beautiful black women are rare, just makes me more attracted to them. only if they weren’t so complicated. I’m trying to live a stress-less life, and you’re introducing nothing but stress.

  4. As a black guy, I’ve actually heard girls of pretty much every ethnicity claim that black guys are into their ethnicity. Lol. How about this: black guys like women. Period. And most of the given reasons are myths. I’ve date white women before I wouldn’t let them buy me anything. Actually, I don’t let women buy me gifts at all. But especially not white women.

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